Working Abroad – My Travel CV
travel CV geekgirlgoes

Travelling is expensive. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Even if you’re able to budget like a pro – the fact is – it takes money to travel. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to actually get PAID while you travel? Well, I’m here to tell that it can be done. And more […]

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Stargazing in Tenerife – A Trip up Teide
Teide Sunset Tenerife Stargazing GeekGirlGoes

Here in Tenerife, there is one geographical feature that dominates the landscape – Mount Teide. This immense, active volcano is present wherever you go, as it sits proudly in the middle of the island. Despite it being active, it’s pretty chilled, so tourists visit it day after day. Most will take a bus tour up […]

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Why I’d Never Go Back to Saigon
survive vietnam motorbikes

I loved Vietnam. It was the first country I ever visited with my backpack, and sense of reckless abandon. I started up in Hanoi, and worked my way down this awesome country – all the way to Saigon. As one of Vietnams big cities, Saigon is filled with museums, parks, and sights to see. But, […]

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How to Find Your Perfect Backpack
carry on only backpacking

When I was preparing to set off on my first backpacking adventure, one question was constantly running around in my mind – ‘How do I chose the perfect backpack?’. I had no idea what kind of backpack to get, what gear I needed, even what colour I should get – you know, the important stuff. […]

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Best of Milan – Super Six Series
best of milan geekgirlgoes

Whittling down the top sites to see in any place can be difficult, so I’ve started the Super Six Series! In these articles, you’ll be able to read all about the best places to visit in some of the best locations around the world! Super Six indeed! This month we’re looking at the best of […]

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Christmas Around the World!
christmas around the world geekgirlgoes

Christmas around the world! Christmas is a big deal. Its a big deal. I absolutely love Christmas, always have, always will. So, when I found out I would be spending my first ever Christmas away from home, I was a little worried, to say the least. Christmas to me is a traditional English affair. Morning […]

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Solo Travel: Why I love it so much!

When I embarked on my first solo trip this summer, I cast my mind back to some of my other travels, and realised something a little strange. I moved to Portugal when I was 19 years old, to work at a hotel there during summer break. I then went to Turkey the year after with […]

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Versatile Blogger Award!!
versatile blogger award geekgirlgoes

It’s award time!! Yes, GeekGirlGoes has received another award! (I won the Liebster award earlier this year). This time, I’ve been nominated by MVMT blog for a Versatile Blogger Award! MVMT is run by two lovely girls – Diana and Hope. They’re sisters who both have busy full time lives (as an attorney and a […]

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How I Afford to Travel
how i afford to travel geekgirlgoes mekong

So many of us dream about being able to travel the world – I know I always used to say “I want to be an explorer when I grow up” (which is still true by the way…). But so few of us actually have the chance to do so. For some people, this can be […]

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Hai Van Pass – My Top Gear Moment
hai van pass top gear geekgirlgoes

When I visited Vietnam, there were a few things that I absolutely had to see and do there – among them was riding motorbikes along the Hai Van Pass. As a massive fan of Top Gear, I had watched, and re-watched their Vietnam special countless times. When I finally decided to visit the country, I […]

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