Sat. Sep 19th, 2020

What Everyone Needs in Addition to Diet and Supplements

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Fitness and weight loss require a daily exercise program. Granted, some health professionals do not believe this. They think that drastically eating less along with cutting out red meat and sugar is all that is necessary But, professionals who believe only in this for ongoing healthiness are getting fewer by the medical school graduation ceremony. Even older physicians who historically have been more about cautioning those over forty against overdoing workouts are now more pre-exercise than ever.

A considerable number of medical authorities in the past fifteen years have referred to studies which concluded that groups of people who did no exercise were as healthy as those who did. These conclusions were presumably satisfactory for them both in their professional practices and personal lives. But it now seems only too necessary to ask how many months of exercise were monitored and what degree of intensity was maintained, to say nothing of what they understood by the word health..

Clearly, most professionals who believe in exercise would agree that only fifteen minutes of walking over a one month period would do little to transform either a particular body or make a positive impact on an overall sense of healthiness. Granted, they might say that this would be better than no exercise at all. But it would be hardly as beneficial as having done a daily mile swim or six mile run for the last ten years.

Everyone who wants to see dramatic and lasting results should find a personally agreeable way of exercising for at least an hour per day. This, in addition to supplements and a proper diet, enables one to shed pounds and continually attain greater performance levels. Virtually everyone who currently works out for this length of time would agree..

But this is generally too much for the beginner. Therefore, one should start out slowly, gradually building up to the required amount of time. Starting now in preparation for a marathon two years down the road would be an example of this idea.

Ideally a sport such as this- distance running-should become part of one’s lifestyle. That is a socially acknowledged way of exercising, which can be perfected over time. For some this is easy to understand and do, as they may have been out for a sport such as cross-country back in high school.

However, one may not have had the good fortune of a past experience such as this. If not, he or she should start working at a group aerobic activity such as jazzerrcise or even ten to fifteen daily miles on a recumbent bike in a health club. These take very little time to master and work well for most. The regular investment of time doing them burns calories, increases circulation and eventually results in muscle tone and agility.

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