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Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet, and your number one spot for geeky travel adventures! But who am I, you might ask? Well, my name is Danielle, and I’m the geek girl behind Geek Girl Goes. I was born with travel in my blood, and find it difficult to sit still for long…which can be awkward since I’m a walking disaster. I’ve had misadventures in 15 countries so far, across 4 continents; but that’s not enough for me! I’ve¬†experienced so many cool travels like the time I made my own knife, or when I learned to shoot arrows from horseback, or even when I partied the night away in Ha Long Bay. Basically, anywhere fun with a bit of a geeky twist is where you’ll find me!

Fushimi Inari Kyoto Japan

I spent the last 2 years living in Kyoto, Japan; and recently embarked on my first ever backpacking trip to Vietnam. Now, I’m back home in the North of England, but it already looks as if I won’t be here for long…! I’m not your typical travel blogger though. I’ve only backpacked once (but I did love it), most of the time, I try and find jobs that let me travel. I’ve worked as a teacher in so many countries, and for so many different subjects! From teaching¬†English in Japan and Nepal, and circus skills on the east coast of America – I’ve definitely had an interesting time! I can be pretty funny sometimes, and I’ve had some real adventures, so if you want to read more about me, that’d be sweet!