Amazing Winter Destination in Japan

For me, winter is by far, the most beautiful season of them all. It’s filled with snuggly jumpers, christmas decorations, my birthday, and hopefully, snow. But, sadly, for most of us, snow is often a distant dream, or a light scattering that fades by sunrise. I’ve always thought of snow as being something magical. I […]

What I love about Japan

I never thought I would say this, but Japan is starting to feel more and more like home to me. I’ve always been a bit of a contradiction in terms of travelling. I’m a serious homebody, with serious wanderlust. This can sometimes make trekking the globe a little tricky. So, I was more than a […]

Things I miss from home

Living in Japan is fantastic. I can honestly say its the best decision I’ve ever made moving here. But, despite all this, there’s still a lot of stuff that I miss from home. I’ve been spending the holidays at home this year – my first time back since I left – and it’s definitely reminded […]