Nara Deer, oh dear! Feed the deer at Nara Park!

When people come to Japan, they usually visit the big cities – Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. And while these are fantastic, and you definitely should go, there is a very special place, not far from Osaka that should be slapped onto your itinerary for sure; and that place is Nara. Nara Just a short, 10 […]

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New Orleans Weekend: Rainbows and Aliigators

New Orleans. The Deep South. A Gay Pride Festival. That was the end of my American adventure. Before coming to the US, I’d never really thought about visiting this amazing city – but I am so glad I did. We only spent 3 days here, but it was definitely the highlight of my trip. New […]

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New York Mini Break: Nibbling the Big Apple
new york mini break

My travels across America were pretty hectic. I was working over there, and we were travelling to a new state every week. Days off were sporadic, but we didn’t care. We were having so much fun! When the summer tour was finally over, we all went our separate ways for some travelling of our own. […]

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Mud Baths: Getting Dirty in Turkey

Hold your horses and calm down, not THAT kind of dirty! I’m talking mud baths! Mud Baths When I was living in Turkey, we all made friends with the guys that ran the local tour company. They were so friendly and inviting, and of course, this meant mates rates and staff deals – yay! So, […]

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Penguins in Japan: Finding Happy Feet

Penguins in Japan Surprisingly, so many of my adventures here in Japan have been centred around animals. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved animals, I always thought they were cute, but I’d never sought them out quite so much before. And even more surprisingly, I’ve actually had lots of opportunities to enjoy experiences with […]

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