Robot Restaurant – Nerdy Nightlife

Welcome to my brand new blog series – Nerdy Nightlife! As a lover of all things nerd, as well as all things drunk, I wanted to chronicle the best after-dark hangouts for all us travel nerds. This time round, we’re at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo!   You think of Japan, you think of Tokyo. […]

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Exploring Hiroshima: Japan’s Horrific History

Exploring Japan’s history is usually filled with castles, temples and shrines from a by-gone era, and with the beauty all around you, it can be easy to forget the country’s more recent tragedies. I went exploring Hiroshima recently to discover more about the effects of war on this island nation. Wherever you go, it’s important to […]

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Rabbit Island – More than just fluffy bunnies

After being in Japan for nearly two years, I had already heard of millions (or, more accurately, tens) of amazingly adorable places I needed to explore. At the very top of this list was the one, the only – Rabbit Island. Rabbit Island – real name Okunoshima – is an island in the Seto inland sea, in […]

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Hana Hostel Hiroshima: The Perfect Base

For my recent trip to Hiroshima, I wanted to find a good hostel that could be my base for 3 days of exploring and adventuring in and around the city. That hostel was Hana Hostel Hiroshima. I chose it because I know the brand well. They have hostels in many cities across Japan, including my […]

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My Liebster Award Post – Finding New Blogs!

I was nominated for the lovely Liebster award recently! If you don’t know, this is an award that is passed around brand new bloggers like myself to help them get on their feet! I was nominated by Scrapbook Journeys, who runs a travel and lifestyle blog. I love reading her posts, and gazing at her […]

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