Halloween in Japan – Zombies and Selfies
halloween in japan geekgirlgoes

I love Halloween. It is, hands down, the best day of the year (apart from Christmas) (and my birthday)…Ok. Its ONE of the best days of the year. But I had never really experienced a true halloween, until I enjoyed a Halloween in Japan.   Halloween in Japan Halloween might as well be a national […]

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Instagram Japan: 2 years in Filters
instagram japan geekgirlgoes

I lived in Japan for 2 amazing years, and the memories I left with will never be equalled. From cherry blossoms and geisha in Kyoto, to robots and dolphins in Tokyo, monkeys and snow in Nagano, and blacksmithing in Gifu – it’s been a wild ride. And, like any good millennial, I tracked all of […]

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Carry On Only – How to Downsize Your Backpack!
carry on only

I must admit, when I backpacked for the first time, I was terrified. Not of being mugged, or getting lost, but of overpacking! Every article I’d seen about packing tips talked about how much they all overpacked on that first backpacking trip. I was determined not to be like them. I’m pretty sure I didn’t […]

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Survive Vietnam – Your Ultimate Guide!
survive vietnam people

Vietnam is a top backpacker destination which means; cheap booze, good beaches, and cool culture. There’s so much to do in Vietnam, but, because of the influx of backpackers, there’s also craziness, crime and, scams to be aware of. I loved it there, but there’s definitely an art on how to survive Vietnam!   1. […]

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Become a Sumo in Tokyo – Fight a sumo master!
become a sumo

I’ve had my fair share of amazing, warrior-like experiences in Japan. Making my own knife like a real blacksmith, learning how to shoot arrows from horseback, and training to become a ninja. But, this summer I did something I never thought I’d be able to do. I had the chance to become a sumo – […]

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Best of Vietnam – Super Six Series

Whittling down the top sites to see in any place can be difficult, so I’ve started the Super Six Series! In these articles, you’ll be able to read all about the best places to visit in some of the best locations around the world! Super Six indeed! So, let’s take a look at the best […]

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