Working Abroad – My Travel CV
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Travelling is expensive. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Even if you’re able to budget like a pro – the fact is – it takes money to travel. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to actually get PAID while you travel? Well, I’m here to tell that it can be done. And more […]

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How to Find Your Perfect Backpack
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When I was preparing to set off on my first backpacking adventure, one question was constantly running around in my mind – ‘How do I chose the perfect backpack?’. I had no idea what kind of backpack to get, what gear I needed, even what colour I should get – you know, the important stuff. […]

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How I Afford to Travel
how i afford to travel geekgirlgoes mekong

So many of us dream about being able to travel the world – I know I always used to say “I want to be an explorer when I grow up” (which is still true by the way…). But so few of us actually have the chance to do so. For some people, this can be […]

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Surviving Long Haul Flights: Your Ultimate Guide!

Any intrepid explorers out there will know that some of the best travel destinations can be a real hassle to get to. Long- haul flights can often put a downer on ones travels, or even put you off all together. But, surviving these long-haul boredom boxes might not be as difficult as you think. Seat […]

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Realistic Ways to Beat Jet Lag
realistic beat jet lag

Long haul flights can be trying at the best of times, but even more so when you know you will soon be greeted with the horror of all travel horrors – Jetlag. Anyone who has never experienced this curse should understand just how lucky they are. It leaves you tired in the middle of day, […]

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