Why I’d Never Go Back to Saigon
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I loved Vietnam. It was the first country I ever visited with my backpack, and sense of reckless abandon. I started up in Hanoi, and worked my way down this awesome country – all the way to Saigon. As one of Vietnams big cities, Saigon is filled with museums, parks, and sights to see. But, […]

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Buffalo Run – A Unique way to explore Vietnam

I know a lot of backpackers frown upon organised tours, preferring to wander off and do their own thing. But I was apprehensive about my ability to organise an entire trip, by myself, in Vietnam, and actually manage to see and do everything I wanted to. So, when I found a trip that would take […]

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Survive Vietnam – Your Ultimate Guide!
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Vietnam is a top backpacker destination which means; cheap booze, good beaches, and cool culture. There’s so much to do in Vietnam, but, because of the influx of backpackers, there’s also craziness, crime and, scams to be aware of. I loved it there, but there’s definitely an art on how to survive Vietnam!   1. […]

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Ha Long Bay Party Paradise : Castaways Island

No trip to Vietnam would be complete without a visit to the stunning Ha Long Bay. The lime stone mountains dot the landscape and make you feel as though you have travelled back in time. This iconic landscape has been featured on many TV shows, blogs, and Pinterest boards because of its stunning natural beauty. […]

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