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The land of the rising sun gave me two wonderful years filled with awe and adventure. From Geisha to Ninja, Temple to Shrine, there’s no way you can ever get enough of this crazy country! With so many unique Japan trips to be had, you might find something you never even knew existed. So, whether you’re an animal lover, a culture vulture, or a tech-head, Japan has something for you.

Explore with Me:

Halloween in Japan

The craziest time of year, in the craziest country on Earth!

Instagram Japan

2 years of my life summed up in my best Instagram posts for your pleasure.

Become a Sumo in Tokyo

Because how else would you want to spend your summer holiday?

Why I Left Japan

You know, I bet the answer will surprise you!

Fushimi Inari

Follow me as I re-live my favourite movie.

Kiyomizu Temple

Even though it took my nearly two years to get here, it was well worth the wait!

Monkeys in Japan

Who knew there were so many?


The famous floating tori gate in a different light.

Robot Restaurant

Who knew I could care so much about a battle between mermaids and robots? I know I didn’t!

Exploring Hiroshima

A city with a horrific past, who only hopes for a peaceful future.

Temple Hopping on Koya-san

With so many temples to visit here, be sure to check out my guide on the best route, and spots to visit.

Overnight Temple Stay

Live like a monk for a night, and find your own inner peace.

Up Close and Personal with some Squirrels

I mean…do I even need to say anything more?!

Rabbit Island

An island filled with rabbits. Best. Day. Ever.

Hana Hostel Hiroshima

An amazing hostel, right in the heart of Hiroshima.

Teaching English Abroad

How does teaching English differ from country to country?

Weekend in Hokkaido

A weekend is never enough – but if it’s all you’ve got, this guide will help you get the most out of it.

Nara Deer, oh Dear!

Feed wild deer, explore beautiful temples, and enjoy an amazing day in Osaka.

Blacksmithing in Gifu

Because who amongst us hasn’t wanted to forge their own weapon?

Amazing Winter Destination in Japan

Snow filled days, and onsen filled nights await!