How to Find Your Perfect Backpack

When I was preparing to set off on my first backpacking adventure, one question was constantly running around in my mind – ‘How do I chose the perfect backpack?’. I had no idea what kind of backpack to get, what gear I needed, even what colour I should get! Endless google searches, blog posts, and hours spent walking around the shops, and I finally found my travel buddy. Nobody else can chose the perfect backpack for you, but I’ve got some tips to help you out!

My Perfect Backpack

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First, let me introduce you to my trusty travel buddy – my Deuter Futura 30 SL. Catchy, right? Joking aside, this backpack has been perfect for me! It’s a slim line pack (which we’ll discuss in a minute), with lots of pockets, and a breathable back panel. It’s small enough to be used as hand luggage, and big enough to squeeze in everything I need! Sadly, they haven’t sponsored me to write this – I really do just love it that much! But enough about my backpack, let’s help you find your perfect backpack!


1. Size

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This is possibly the most important factor you need to consider, and thats the size of your backpack. Now, I don’t mean how much stuff it can hold. I mean, what size it needs to be to fit your body. Many companies now make Women’s fit, or slime line backpacks. But, these aren’t just for women. If you’re a guy who’s quite slender and petite, then these packs might fit you a lot better too! Similarly, if you’re a bigger female, especially with broader shoulders, these will probably be too small for you.  These women’s fit packs also have slightly higher hip pads, which tilt downwards to fit the shape of your hips! And, if you’re lucky, they come with a pretty flower attached!


2. Capacity

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How long are you traveling for? Do you REALLY need a huge pack, or could you carry on only? The biggest factor here is whether you’re going to be camping, or visiting a colder climate. If you are, then you’ll need to find a nice sized pack for all your gear to fit into. If you’re doing the typical backpacker thing (like me), and heading to Southeast Asia, you can definitely get that smaller one next to the huge one you were going to buy.

Trust me, so many people overpack when backpacking. You don’t need to burden yourself with a huge, heavy pack! So read all about how to downsize and pack a carry on only before splashing the cash!


3. Pockets

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Most backpacks out there are top-loaders. This means it has one big opening at the top in which to pack all your stuff. This can sometimes make it difficult to keep things organised and wrinkle free. But, with well located zips and pockets – this becomes much easier. For example, on my Deuter backpack, there’s a pocket at the bottom, which connects to the main section. I used this separator to store either my dirty shoes, or my laundry while traveling. It also meant if I lost anything at the bottom of the bag, I could find it really easily! Side pockets can also be a life saver! Whether you use them for water, or shoes, they can be super useful!


4. Waterproof

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One thing you should consider is whether your pack is waterproof or not. If it’s not, does it have a rain cover? Wherever you’re planning on going to, this is an essential in my books. No-one knows what the weather is going to do from one day to the next. What if you take a boat trip? Trust me, having a waterproof backpack will be essential!


5. Price

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The last factor to consider is your budget. It’s worth spending a little money on a mid-range pack in my opinion. Going for the budget option could mean lower quality (although not always). Going for the high end option probably won’t last much longer than a mid-range pack, but will cost you way more! Just be realistic. If you only have £50 to spend, then find a pack for that price. If it does break during your travels, you can always pick up another one!

Have you found your perfect backpack? Any other tips I missed out? Did this help you find your perfect backpack? Let’s Discuss!

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